Experience Jaisalmer with Rojani Resort

Are you checking out for the best desert camps in Jaisalmer? Then come to Rojani Resort which offers the best Jaisalmer desert safari packages. From children to oldies everyone can get their slice of enjoyment. One can be an early bird and witness the beautiful sunrise and if schedule of an owl suits you then sunset awaits you. Golden sand shining like bejeweled pearls, camels resting on the soft waves of soils, that you mesmerize you to the fullest. If you want to be part of this ride then luxury desert camp jaisalmer will fulfill your wish. Royalty of Rajasthan is a scene which one can’t miss with. The whole place is timeless beautifully entangling our royal past and our high tech present. You can touch your cultural side of your soul by encapturing your moments in elegant traditional dresses and ornaments. Food is a delight of this state, thali with more than enough food, shimmering with recipes passed on from generation to generation, delighting your eyes and mouth equally.

You would totally forget that you are guest in this place as people are so hospitable to your needs and make you feel like home. You would become part of this city crowd sooner than you can say the word we have to go back home in disappointment. The City has an overpowering magic which grasp your consciousness and make you introspect about sense of livelihood. So what are you waiting for?! Pack your bags, take hands of your loved ones and just get on with the tour without any delay with Luxury Desert camp Jaisalmer. We gladly await you for your arrival with folded hands and smile on our face. Join us on this travel of timelessness and beauty of this magical place called Jaisalmer, a land of blending ancientness and moderns.

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Mesmerizing Jaisalmer with Rojani Resort

Want to experience the grandeur and a luxurious time amidst the palaces and sand dunes? Then come to Rojani resort, the best desert resort in Jaisalmer. This resort offers the most lucrative Jaisalmer desert camp package. The Rojani resort is an excellent piece of artwork, which reminds the tourists of the good old days of royalty. One can actually feel as if they have been transported back in time. Rojani resort caters to the demands of all. Right from a business professional to a family, everybody is taken care of. The management of the Rojani resort is very organized and engaging. The Jaisalmer desert camp booking by the Rojani resort is feasible and does not burn a hole in one’s pocket. The Jaisalmer desert camp package by the Rojani resort is an experience which has to be gone through by everyone at least once in their lifetimes.

Being the best desert resort in Jaisalmer it encompasses the whole beauty of the desert. The scenic view is breathtaking. It seems like the paradise on desert. Being an exquisite tourist location, sure Jaisalmer attracts a lot of population, and Rojani resort serves them all with equal pleasure. The exquisite beauty of Jaisalmer lies in it’s sandstone buildings and the massive sand dunes which captivate every tourist who sets his or her foot in this grand old city. Time magically stops in this grand old golden city. In Jaisalmer, you need not strive to find an adventure, because adventure comes to you. And who better to facilitate it rather than Rojani Resort. So sink your feet into the golden sand grains as the sun sets over the horizon and makes the whole view mesmerizing. And let Rojani Resort make your experience even more wonderful with its package deals.

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Welcome to Rojani Resort

Be the lucky tourists who have chosen to stay at the Rojani resort, a beautiful place amidst the harsh desert of India. The Jaisalmer desert camp package of Rojani Resort will leave you to experience the heaven on earth. It offers the best desert camps in Jaisalmer. The camping zone is located at a comfortable place. The hospitality by the staff of Rojani Resort sets a new benchmark for all the tourism industry of Jaisalmer. The resort is constructed on the Palace Theme and has wonderful views to enjoy. The whole architecture of the resort has been designed with a meticulous eye and keen attention. You can see the hard-work put in by the artists in constructing every inch of the Rojani Resort . The resort staff is available at the beck of your call all the time. Every necessity of yours will be given utmost importance.

As stated above, Rojani Resort does indeed offer the best desert camps in the whole of Jaisalmer. The camps are very comfortable. The whole trip would be very economic and cost friendly. It would not be an understatement to say that the Rojani Resort is light on everyone’s pocket. Right from the business personnel to family vacations, this resort accommodates each and everyone. So, if you are planning for a getaway with your friends and family, or just want to close some deals for business, com eand visit Rojani Resort and let it make your trip a memorable one.

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Camp up with the Rojani Resort

Rojani resort offers you the best Luxury desert camp in jaisalmer. Experience the Jaisalmer desert safari package with this exotic resort. Let Rojani Resort offer you the most memorable time of your lives.  Rojani resort has been built on the lines of the old Rajputana palaces. The whole layout of the resort takes you back to the bygone era of Kings. The craftsmanship done to construct the whole resort is breath-taking. The Jaisalmer camel safari package is one of the offerings by the Rojani Resort at a reasonable price.

Make the best use of your money by spending it on our Jaisalmer camel safari package. This package comprises of a 90 minutes camel ride in the golden sands of the Thar desert, amidst which the Jaisalmer is located. The whole safari first starts with a jeep ride at 4 AM in the morning. And then, the tourists are taken for the camel ride. The traditional Rajasthani food is served to the holiday-makers. The evening ends with a mesmerizing performance of the Rajasthani folk dance.

You can also visit the nearby places in Jaisalmer. The whole aura of this city located within the desert-state of India is very intoxicating. It will leave you craving for more of the beautiful sceneries to capture in your memories before you head back to the hustle and bustle of the city lives.  So if you want tocreate memories of a life time, then head to Rojani Resort.

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Holiday with Rojani Resort

The Jaisalmer desert safari by the Rojani resort is one of the most captivating experiences which you will ever have. Surrounded by the beautiful sand dunes of the Thar Desert, this Jaisalmer safari holiday package will be the most memorable encounter which you will ever feel through.

The Rojani Resort is a hub of hospitality. The management staff is very cordial and helpful. The whole staff is very organized and you will never have anything to complaint about. The whole architecture is built upon the age old palace theme, which is full of exquisite grandeur. The outlook of the resort will surely take you back in time. Experience the lives of the Kings and Queens during your stay at the Rojani Resort. The Jaisalmer safari holiday package by the Rojani Resort will let you live life king-size. Every inch of the intricate workmanship which has gone into building the Rojani resort, will leave you spell bound. It tells a tale of the by-gone era.

The Jaisalmer desert safari by the Rojani Resort will be an exciting event for all the adrenaline junkies. Your whole holiday will turn into be the most cherished moments of your lives. The Rojani Resort caters to your every need, right from a business engagement to a private family tour. You name it and we have it.

The Jaisalmer desert camp booking for Rojani resort can be done through the following email address : rojaniresort777@gmail.com

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Camel Rides with the Rojani Resort

Are you an adventurer? Want to experience the desert safari in Jaisalamer? Then come to Rojani resort, the best resort in the whole of Jaisalmer. Get mesmerized by the Jaisalamer camel safari packages it offers. Avail the most affordable Jaisalamer Camel safari Package with Rojani resorts.

Built on the Palace theme, the Rojani Resort is located amidst the golden colored sand dunes which automatically take you back to the days of royalties. The Jaisalmer safari package starts around 4AM, first with a cab ride. This is followed by the 90 minute camel ride amongst the beautiful sand dunes of the Thar desert.  After the camel ride, you can enjoy a ravishing traditional Rajasthani meal with a Rajasthani Mujra. The traditional Rajasthani Mujra would serve as a feast for your eyes.

The Jaisalmer Camel safari Package includes a half day tour of the Thar Desert. Experience a break away from the regular daily city life and get yourself soaked in pleasure with the hospitality of the Rojani resort. The eye-popping architecture of the Rojani Resort will captivate both your eyes and hearts. The whole staff of the Rojani resort has been trained to present their guests with the best hospitality, ever experienced by anyone. The Jaisalmer Camel Safari Packages by Rojani Resorts are very much cost effective and will prove to be the best deal of your lives.

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Tourist Packages offered by the Rojani Resort

If you are looking for the most affordable Jaisalmer safari holiday package, and cannot seem to put your finger on one, then let us make it easier for you. Rojani Resort offers the best desert camps in Jaisalmer. A desert resort Jaisalmer, it is bound to provide you with the best and the most memorable desert safari experience that you may have ever experienced in your lives. Based on the Palace theme, the Rojani Resort will enable you to get back to good old days of Maharaja’s and Maharani’s.  The place has been especially crafted keeping this theme in mind. Every speck of the Resort will exude a true blissful experience.

The tourist packages offered by the Rojani Resort have been designed in a manner that they can be availed by any person. The packages vary to cater the different needs of different people in accordance to their requirements. Right from a leisure time to a business venture, all your requirements will be met here. This is why, Rojani Resort takes up the top place in the itinerary of all global citizens who want to experience the bliss and beauty of Jaisalmer.

Right from the serving staff to the management, this resort is very much organized. By their virtue, the client or the customer takes up their top priority. Come and experience the bliss which this resort has to offer apart from the beauty of the sand-dunes. You will be treated like never before. The feeling of bliss which you will experience in this resort will last for a life time.

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Best desert camps in Jaisalmer

Want to avail the best Jaisalmer desert safari packages? Then pack your bags and get down to Rojani resort which provides the best desert camps in Jaisalmer. To avail the luxury desert camp Jaisalmer, contact the Rojani Resort.

Especially built in the “Palace Theme”, this resort exudes a feeling of old time grandeur which enthralls all the visitors. A paradise on earth, one can avail the best luxury at the Rojani Resort. The resort is very beautiful and has a breath taking view. Every visitor who once visits the Rojani Resort never forgets the experience. It is that memorable one.

The Jaisalmer camel safari packages offered by the Rojani Resort are very feasible. Any individual or a family, anyone can come and enjoy this tourist venture. Rojani Resort also accommodates business trips, and also offers global leisure. The management of Rojani Resort is very much approachable, and always puts the convenience of the clients at their top most priority. The management caters to every need of its clients, without any prejudices or reservations.

Apart from the breathtaking ambience, beautiful landscape and the intensive work put in to the craftsmanship, this destination takes up the top most place in the itinerary of the people from all over the world. The Rojani Resort takes pride in the packages offered by it to the customers. The packages have been so designed to cater to all kinds of requirement of the clients. One can choose any package which meets their pre-requisite needs.

So come, pack your bags and rush to have the experience of a life time with your stay at Rojani Resort. We await for your presence.

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Paradise in Desert

The Rojani resort is the best desert resort in Jaisalmer. Rojani desert resort is famous for its prime location amidst the gigantic forts and monuments. It is an exquisite piece of architecture built on the “Palace Theme” with world class modern facilities. Rojani resort offers Jaisalmer desert camp package, which is a visual delight for the holiday maker. One experiences a simulation of the lifestyle of the Rajput Princes. With a magnificent ambience, the Rojani resort serves as a virtual delight for the tourists who wish to have a holistic holiday experience.

The Rojani resort’s accommodation is very eye pleasing. With its grandeur architecture and colourful assortments of decoration, the whole resort is build upon the palace theme, giving it a royal outlook. Guests, both from within and outside the country prefer the Rojani resort for its eye catching décor and heart-warming hospitality. Thus it is famous for attracting tourists who want to experience both leisure or are there for business purposes. Rojani resort lives up to its tagline “Experience the desert cultured in the natural comfort”. This resort is a paradise in desert.

If you want to pay a visit to Jaisalmer, an exotic destination, then couple it with another enthralling experience by residing at Rojani resort. You can directly contact them at their contact number provided on their website. For Jaisalmer desert camp booking, drop a mail at: rojaniresort777@gmail.com

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